Friday, June 5, 2009


What D. Aristophanes said.

How long did the inmates run the asylum of our national dialogue? A long fucking time, and it blew goats so profoundly that it’s no wonder many of us have been unwilling to pronounce that the nightmare is over. If only for fear that, like black mold in your bathroom, the crazy would come back in full bloom if we didn’t keep scrubbing and worrying at it as if it was still a powerful force.

When I see a parody site (no offense HTML) do better meta than the wonkospere, I am aggrieved.


ps Ohwhatthefuck

if you really take a good look around, you’ll find that kooks like Pam and Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck and Dick Cheney have finally been fully outed as the freakshow monstrosities that they always were

If you can't find the noun, it's monstrosities.

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