Friday, July 17, 2009


My favorite political barometer for Iran is His Honorable Eminence Hosein-Ali Montazeri. I have already done the fanboy thing here and here .

I think this elderly cleric might have a problem with the direction the political elites have decided to take the Islamic Republic.

"those who have lost, religiously and reasonably, the credibility for serving the public, are automatically dismissed, and the continuation of their work has no legitimacy."

(grain o' salt recomended for ingestion of CBS translations of Farsi).

Expiation I) Better feel for the source material including dating and context.

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Poicephalus said...

I am about as secular as they come.
It's not that I ascribe to the arcane 7th Century dogma which the gentleman does. I just see him as the gangplanck for the Iranians to walk over.

Cognitive Dissonance thy name is PARROT.