Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Tiny Voice

The rah-rah-rah email from VP Biden was nice.
My response was notably less so; to wit:

Dear Vice President Biden,
I realize that President Obama campaigned on finishing the fight in Afghanistan.
I am also old enough to have lived through LBJ "finishing" JFK's legacy war in S.E. Asia.
I am not sanguine about the possible outcomes.
In addition, DADT and DOMA are a priority for me, just like the FSM and the Anti-war Movement were priorities to my "co-religionists" at UC Berkeley in the 60's.
You and the President's team are just gonna have to deal with that.
My deepest regards,
A Disgruntled Democrat

I guess I read too much of The Hoosier Sage's stuff.


Update: I guess it doesn't pay to respond to the e-mails. I got a "No such user" message.
Please don't anyone tell Jill.
Requisite profanity, Fuck.

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