Monday, September 7, 2009

aimai MOAR

Pretty fucking much.

I agree with the article one hundred percent--rare for me when it comes to the WaPo. That's because I'm one of the activists and fundraisers who worked for Obama and because this is exactly what I didn't vote for. I didn't vote for him and his to f*** around once they got into power. I didn't vote for President Snowe, or President McCain, or President Grassley or President Baucus. I voted for Obama because he was the only viable choice and he was running as a serious Democrat. If he wasn't serious about being a Dem and pushing Dem causes--which to me are synonymous with liberal and progressive causes--he shoudln't have, for example, run on the "public option". We bought him, we own him.

Glad I clicked Read More. Thanks John, and a tip of the old chapeau.

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