Saturday, May 30, 2009

No fuck?

Thers is on fire.

Oh good. Lanny Davis has an opinion on how Democrats should respond to political smears. This always works out well.

First: anybody who actually read the speech knows that Sotomayor did not misspeak. She made a good, legitimate point, one that nobody gave any shit to conservative justices for when they were going through confirmation.

Second: who cares about Hannity and Limbaugh? They're clowns, and everyone knows it, except their moron disciples.

Third: Lanny Davis? Really? You're fishing for crap from Lanny Davis? Hilarious. That's like fishing for brown trout in the Gowanus Canal. What's next, you're going to quote somebody like Chris Lehane, who isn't even an effective weasel? Hahahahahaha!

Oh. Wait.

And the obligatory GBV video.

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