Saturday, April 25, 2009

Texas, Treason and Trevino

I have been meaning to post on this since the kerfuffle irrupted.

Josh Trevino (no tilde and no fucking link) tries to paint a simple assertion as a corruption of history (that would be the accepted history according to the cant and prattle of the Nativists).

Erik Loomis Ph.D went all liberal-biased fact on Josh's ass.

Kinda glad I hesitated to pull the trigger. The shit storm continues.

Dr. Loomis has continued his analysis of a modern secessionist Texas.

But of course, Texas committed treason in defense of slavery twice.

The historical narrative pains me even more than when I had my "Come to Jesus" moment about "Uncle Billy".

Oh, and Rick Perry (R-Tool), thanks a ton for unpacking this suitcase of dirty laundry (the whites) in the public square. Douchebag.


Added) this wicked slapdown in media res.

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