Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Worse, not better

Those of us that were agin' this one from the beginning proudly wear the DFH moniker as an homage to our Brothers and Sisters that struggled during another bloody potlach, where we decided to redistribute our future to some sick twisted theory.
Domino then, Preemptive War now.

The "serious" analysts say that my moiety is causing all the problems. Defeatism, Aid and Comfort, Plagues of locusts, You name it.

My commenter this evening graduated from the USMA in '54. Served in Vietnam in '70 and '71. Was my boss as Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence in the '80's and was appointed by Ronald Reagan to head the NSA, where he served three years.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lieutenant General William E. Odom

Thus the basic military situation is far worse because of the proliferation of armed groups under local military chiefs who follow a proliferating number of political bosses.

We agree with General Odom.

A number of reasons are given for not withdrawing soon and completely. I have refuted them repeatedly before but they have more lives than a cat. Let try again me explain why they don’t make sense.

I know the feeling, Sir.

I implore you to reject these fallacious excuses for prolonging the commitment of US forces to war in Iraq.


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