Monday, March 24, 2008

the next one will be even better

Roy props a third stringer up against the fence for some target practice:

For him, this is a low key, off-the-cuff kinda post. But wait, this "suggested" link seems interesting. Oh, yeah! I remember this.

It may be that we are so saturated with inside political information these days that even amateur analysts begin to think of these races as if they took place in a vacuum, or in a focus group. We're used to thinking of campaign messages as another form of marketing: find the target, flatter their prejudices, and sell them the product. But the kind of thinking on offer here misses even the essential logic of marketing: people have needs as well as psychological profiles. If the patriotic brand of detergent doesn't do the job, even patriots may turn to the hippie brand.

I got a chuckle from it when I originally read it. Now it scans perfectly. I see a powerful paradigm with which historians study the Great Cheney Shakedown Cruise of '01-'09.

And he ties it up with a nice little bow, Lady Anne from Richard III.

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