Wednesday, February 20, 2008


at least the Brits are reporting it.
Was there ever any doubt (since, Ohhhhhh......2004) that
the current mal-administration would leave a stinking pile
of scat on it's way out the door?


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Poicephalus said...

My point is that if we had a functioning press* or lived in the 16th Century), it would be pitchforks and torches time.
No screaming shit people, there would be dead bodies.
I am going with the assumption that they got a lot of useful data-points from Le Enron. Bunch of pissed-off pensioners losing their retirement? Shit, let's put these specimens in a focus group and find the best way to get them off our backs.

Not even that subtle.

Though why should it be subtle? They think we are fucking sated. Not even enough curiousity left to attempt to identify the object being rammed up our holios (pace Beavis).

Too fucking disgusted for more.

ps Please, let Barrack and Hillary be nice to each other tonight.

*by press, I mean all media