Saturday, December 8, 2007

Private Contractors?

Over at his place, Larry Johnson casually drops this bomb re the ruckus over the most recent disclosures of shenanigans at the CIA:

I am skeptical. When the truth comes out I think we are likely to discover the
people doing the questioning were contractors, not undercover Agency officers.


I have two (rhetorical) questions:

A. You are doing WHAT in my name?

B. Do we (you know, us) have to cover for these dirtbags?

Larry also discusses the joy of the DC lawyers about this seasonally appropriate gift.

Welcome to the wild world of "Free Market" Intelligence. Welcome to the consequences that come with the privitization of something that should be divorced from profit (economic or political). Is the niche market of Intelligence Liability underwriting (and concomitant litigation) really that lucrative?

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